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30kWp - Sohoni Metal Crafts, Valsad, Gujarat

A 30KW Grid Interactive Solar Power Plant at corporate office of a leading heat shrink PVC sleeves, Sohoni Metal Crafts. The solar power plant consists of 30kWp Solar Photovoltaic Modules (100 x 300Wp) and 30kW Grid Interactive Inverter. This system has been installed on top of a fixed type solar structure with a triangular base. Due to the nature of business and presence of numerous factories in the region, a special anti-dust coating was put on the Solar Photovoltaic Modules to save manual labour hours.

Key Highlights

Subsidy: Direct disbursement of 30% subsidy on benchmark cost via GEDA to customer from MNRE empaneled vendors Net Metering: Up to 50% of sanctioned loan in electricity bill
Customers with Rooftop Solar Installations 1MW will be exempted from Transmission Charge, Transmission Loss, Wheeling Charge, Wheeling Loss, Cross Subsidy Surcharge and Additional Surcharge.
Rooftop connection will be provided on a first come and first serve basis. Total capacity of the transformer reserved for connection of Rooftop
Solar Power Systems is a massive 65% which is a huge jump from other states which generally have only 30% reserved for Solar Net-Metering.


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Number of Projects commissioned by us in New Delhi: 15 +

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