Solar Universe India's Grid Tied Inverters have a maximum lifespan of 25 years, high conversion rate (97.5%), IP 65 enclosure protection class and a number of other product features that are superior to other available brands. Our Inverters are in compliance with the following certifications & standards related to quality and management systems as well as occupational Health & Safety (H&S) for different countries: MNRE (India), IEC (Global) CQC (China quality certification), SAA (Australia), TUV (Germany), CE (Europe) and VDE (Germany)


Product Overview: A grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) solar inverter will consist of vital components like PV array, solar inverter, measuring devices and utility (power) grid. Solar energy from the Sun is converted to DC current through the PV array that is formed by a number of solar modules, whereas the solar inverter converts the harvested DC current into AC power that can be fed into the utility grid in accordance with requirements of the power network.