Most human beings are inherently afraid of electrified wire. This powerful deterrent effect transfers crime and vandalism to neighboring properties with lesser protection

  • Sophisticated fence monitoring and alarm signaling capability deals with more determined intruders from the moment they attack the fence
  • The technology is safe and remarkably tolerant of environmental conditions. The resultant reliability makes it ideal for unmanned and remote sites
  • It's very affordable
  • Solar Powered Fence

  • Is a most effective and viable perimeter security alternative that meets present day needs.
  • Provides maximum protection against intrusion, theft, pilferage, sabotage
  • Is an active deterrent-not only delays / denies entry to a secured area but detects intrusion and indicates the area of attempted intrusion on a graphic panel in the Control Room.
  • Can be added to or replaces any existing perimeter wall, chain link fence-Full Fence or Wall Top
  • Can be integrated with Access Control Systems, Security Lighting, CCTV Systems, Auto Dialers can activate a hooter, siren or flood lights on intrusion alarm.
  • Solar Powered Fences are powered by an ENERGIZER that sends out high voltage monitored pulses into the fence at controlled intervals. An intruder or trespasser gets a very sharp, short and painful shock. Solar Powered Fence is the physical barrier but the shock is the real barrier-a psychological barrier created in mind of the person, who has experienced the shock!!!. The shock given by the fence is completely safe as it lasts only 3 millionths of a second with energy output of 4-5 joules, an internationally accepted standard for such types of fences, worldwide.

    Solar Powered Fence

    Very high threat perception areas such as Political, Defense and strategic establishments of all types (ammunition/armament factories, dumps & depots, naval stations, army outposts), Civil airports and Military airbases and runways, International borders, Prisons, Helipads, Mines, Mints, Factories and Plants, Office and residential complexes, Warehouses, Country Clubs, Farms and Farm Houses, Bungalows, Open stockyards(Cars, Oil, builders materials).

    Solar Powered Fence

    The EMU internal energy source can either be battery & mains power, or battery & solar power. It means the EMU can be used on the most remote sites, and with low power consumption and a large internal reserve the system will continue to operate through lengthy power interruptions.

    Intelligent Key Pad

    User friendly software and fault diagnostics are accessed through the intelligent keypad. Simple code inputs can change pins, delay times, fence voltages etc. to suit end user circumstances.

    Fence Line Voltage

    Tailor the system to suit required security levels and to accommodate operating and local environment conditions by: � Setting the fence line voltage when armed
  • Setting the alarm trip voltage
  • Monitoring at low fence voltage to maintain perimeter security with �safe� voltages during normal working hours.
  • Using dynamic voltage monitoring to counter the effect of seasonal vegetation growth.
  • User-friendly software and fault diagnostics are accessed through the intelligent keypad. Simple code inputs can change pins, delay times, fence voltages etc. to suit end user circumstances.

    Stored Energy: 5.6 J
    Maximum output energy: 4J
    Open circuit: Upto 10,000 V
    1000 W light load: upto 8000 V
    500 W medium load: upto 7000 V
    100W heavy load: upto 3000 V Pulse
    Rate: 1.5s
    Battery life after mains power failure:
    +37 hours with low level 4KV output power + 11 hours with high level 9.2KV output power


    EMU: Ac 16 V 1.2 A 50/60Hz or DC 24 V 1 A
    Remote Keypad: 12 V DC 50 mA
    Remote Key switch: 12V DC 50 mA
    Internal Battery: 12V 7.Ah SLA
    Power Pack: 230 V/16V 16VA or 115V/16V 16 VA
    Gate switch voltage: 12V DC
    Gate switch current: 10mA


    Maximum siren size : 15W @ 12V DC
    Maximum siren rated current: 1.25 A @ 12V DC
    Maximum strobe size: 2.5W @ 12V DC
    Normal strobe rated current: 200mA @12V DC


    Using a cable kit the EMX can operate form a low voltage DC supply such as a solar battery, making it ideal for remote site security.
    High performance-UV spectrum sensitive amorphous silicon solar panels are ideal for security applications
    because they are unbreakable. They will continue to provide power even with bullet holes in them.
    A 120 Ah deep cycle battery is recommended with 1x150 W solar panels depending on geographical

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