SOLARIS : SOLARIS is part of the thriving renewable energy sector in Ireland since 1996, with a clear focus on expanding their export business. Solaris offers design services for all solar thermal (water & air), solar photovoltaic (on & off grid), wind energy and biomass systems. Solar Universe India and Solaris are involved in providing basic energy to the un-electrified millions across the globe. The two companies are working together on various community based projects in the remotest corners of the world including Africa and Asia. The technical expertise that the two companies bring together is being used for R&D on Solar Micro Grids, Central Charging Stations, Carports and Solar Rickshaws.

SHWARTZ SOLAR : Shwartz Solar An organization headed by RS Sharma who has an experience of over 35 years, Shwartz Solar Systems is committed to delivering reliable Turnkey Management, Procurement, Engineering and Construction services and build large Grid-connected Solar Power Plants across India. Having consulted on projects worth more than 500 cr, Shwartz Solar Systems has now developed the cutting-edge SHWARTZ INDIGENOUS SINGLE AXIS HORIZONTAL TRACKER TECHNOLOGY that maximizes energy captured from the sun, and holds the distinction of generating one of the highest outputs-per-megawatt for any solar plant in India. Solar Universe and Shwartz Solar Systems have been jointly developing Inverters and PCU's for Residential and Commercial Solar Rooftop installations. The two companies have worked together on numerous Kw scale solar power plants and have also bagged EPC contracts for Mw scale power plant installations.

SOLAR WITHOUT FRONTIERS : Solar Without Frontiers is a non-profit organisation, set up by a group of engaged energy consultants in Ireland. Its aim is to bring solar energy to disadvantaged communities in Africa. Solar energy is in everyone's mouth in the Western Countries. Unfortunately, for our African neighbors, this green energy source is hardly a cost effective option to avail of. Solar energy systems are often very expensive, although the sun is shining plenty on African soil. Solar Without Frontiers is trying to change this! With especially designed solar systems for off-grid use, we want to bring electricity even to the remotest village. Applications include lights, fridges, water pumping systems and other appliances which need electricity, such as computers, telecommunication, grain mills, hospital equipment and so on. Solar Universe India is now acting as an OEM partner for Solar Without Frontiers for their Off Grid installations across Africa.