Battery Boxes - of all battery sizes starting from 12V-26ah (lead acid) Corrosion, water and rust proof

Mounting Structure Material:

  • Aluminum Alloy or Galvanized Iron Rust & Corrosion free
  • Design lifetime of more than 20 years
  • Can withstand wind of up to 150 km/hr
  • Suitable for Poly/Multi/Mono or Thin Film Modules
  • Suitable for Flat or Pitched Roof
  • Customizable tilt angle
  • Seasonal Tilt for increased efficiency - Manual with quarterly tilt adjustments

    Auto Tracking : Think of a Sunflower

    Pole for Streetlights Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized

    Sizes: 3M and above

    Luminary extension, panel mounting and battery box included